Top 9 Tips for Windows My Favorites Pamateriales - Duration: 6:44. Top 9 Tips for Windows My Favorites Pamateriales

With this video we will learn some tips 9 tips or hacks that I have found very useful as Windows user and want to share with you ... I know I said I was 9, but in the end it occurred to me that is to include another Microsoft Excel it has served me and I hope you serve you well.

These nine tips tips or hacks work for any Windows, Windows Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and all the windows that escapes me and to future versions of Windows , probably also serve .

These shortcuts will serve to : block the PC, quickly compiar files, close programs quickly , minimize multiple windows at the time, called My Computer folder quickly , with a quick zoom command to compare two files using Microsoft Excel screen and no mouse , among others.

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